Leo and The Revenant

Have you seen the movie <The Revenant>?

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s excellent performances in the movie shows us all once again why he‘s the best actor of his generation.

I think most of you will have a deep impression about the scene the hunter fight with a big bear.

These days, Leo came to China to promote his new movie <The Revenant>

When Leo was talking about the environmental protection: he said that he wants China to become the role model.

Having the same name as the Michael punke’s novel , the story about The Revenant talks about a story happened in 19 th-century, a hunter was hurt by a bear and abandoned by other hunters, after a lot of suffering, the hunter finally miracle survived and then started his revenge.

Except for best director, best actor, “The Revenant” also won the Oscar for best cinematography,

The Revenant hunter showed the suffocating natural beauty to the audience, leonardo in the golden globe and Oscar awards were also mentioned about the problem of environmental protection. Conference, Leo again seriously when it comes to environmental problems, according to environmental improvement wants China to become a Hero, “China has than before in the field of environmental protection has made great progress, the environment problem should be given more attention and support, China and the United States are two great powers, it is our responsibility, hope that China can be an be the role model to the world.”

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